Why use a Certified Appraiser to carry out your jewellery valuation?

Selecting a valuer is an important step in preparing to have your jewellery valued. In choosing an AJA Certified Appraiser to carry out your jewellery valuation, you can be assured of the following:-

  • Your Appraisal and Valuation report will be of the very highest standard

  • Your Certified Appraiser is a highly qualified and experienced professional

  • When dealing directly with a Certified Appraiser you will normally be given an estimate of your valuation fee and the basis on which it is calculated. Your valuer will charge either an hourly rate or a per item fee

  • All Certified Appraisers are required to adhere to a stringent Code of Ethics
  • All Certified Appraisers are required to maintain up to date information & data.

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